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ILHA Virtual Show Filming Event

This event will function similar to an in-person show with a few perks! Each class you enter in you will recieve 15 min in the arena to complete your pattern which allows time for warm-up and retakes. There will be a 30 minute free on lead line warm up time in the arena before the show starts.  All ILHA classes are available except for obsactle classes. Stalls for the day are avaible for $25 each. 

K BAR C Arena

155 Troy Rd

 Wilmore, Ky 40390

September 23rd, 2023

7:30am - 12:00pm


KLHC Member

$30 Per Parcipant

 $10 Per Class (15 min in arena)

 Non KLHC Member

$45 Per Parcipant

$10 Per Class (15 min in arena)  


To Register email

with your entries! 

Payment options include Venmo, Paypal, cash or check.

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